Friday, 29 October 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

We had a bit of a sad start to our week.  Our 4yr old's Hamster Twinkle, got poorly, and sadly had to be put to sleep.  She was a grand old age of 2 and a lovely cute little thing.  Never bit anyone and had quite a character.  She loved banging her water bottle till it emptied and then paddling in the water!  We went through a lot of bedding and sawdust!  4yr old coped very well with the news and announced that his next Hamster (apparently we are having another), would also be called Twinkle, because he likes the name.  I suppose it saves muddling the names up.

So, in memory of Twinkle, who is now a little star, I've decided to show some Hamster and Star things that can be found over at Folksy.

Uniquely Different Bags

Gemma Lou Illustration


Dizzy Marcliffe

Lazy Daisy
Spotty n Stripy


  1. Hi Sharon, So sorry to read about Twinkle! But, thank you very much for including my star card! The little hamster brooch is very cute! Zoe. x

  2. Ah, rest in peace Twinkle. Great ff x x

  3. Great folksy friday subjext...the little hamster brooch is sooo cute :)
    sorry about Twinkle.

  4. A lovely post in memory of Poor little Twinkle!

    They are all lovely choices!

    Natalie x