Monday, 18 October 2010

Flying by the seat of my per usual!

Well, I'm here....finally made it...well sort of.  I wanted to blog a few weeks ago, but as per usual, my wonderful 4yr old had other ideas.  So today I bit the bullet and after being completely boggled by all the settings for this, that and the other, have arrived at this point. 

Mind you, every 5, 3 minutes, said 4yr old wants me to admire his latest Lego creation, find his binoculars so he can pretend to be a real Clone (Stars Wars and Clone Wars mad you know...all daddy's fault!), and then he ran out of loo paper!

I'm also trying to keep an eye on tonights dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese.  It's a good job the PC is in the kitchen or we might be having burnt offerings again!  Ah well, it wouldn't be the first time.  Until my fab hubby bought me Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food book, cooking was pretty dire in this household.  All I'll say is 'fish fingers with no coats on', and leave that post for another time!

I'm hoping that this blog will have a balance of family life, general observations and jewellery making trials and tribulations.  May as well forget that sentence though, as we all know that it never quite happens like that!

On the jewellery front, I'm pretty new at trying to sell my creations.  It's so hard to go out there and sell yourself isn't it?  I feel awkward about sending my fanpage URL to my Facebook friends and family.  I don't want them to feel obliged, yet know I have to take the plunge at some point.  Maybe that's for another day.  I have bitten off far more than I can chew today and really should be putting the finishing touches to a pretty little pink suede and red heart necklace I've been asked to do.


  1. This is a great blog and so human!! Looking forward to hearing more about your life and jewellery making!! Good luck with it all! Jo x

  2. Lovely to read your first post - I'll look forward to many more. My bro-in-law loves the Jamie Oliver books, he's turned into a brilliant cook since JO came along!

  3. Well done on taking the plunge. Maybe I should put this JO book on my xmas list? Though I really dont see what is wrong with fish fingers without jackets myself, and burnt offerings are the norm in this house.

    Lynda x

  4. Welcome to the world of Blog! Look forward to seeing your creations on here.x


  5. Lovely blog, made me smile ! I might even restart mine.

  6. Ha ha that was great, well done on your first blog. I started mine a few weeks ago it is quite addictive once you get going though.
    Lisa (Infiniti)

  7. Well done. I am going to make blogging a new years resolution. apryl bluedaisyglass

  8. Lovely to read and so like me, i can tell i'm going to enjoy following you. I'm pretty new to blogging and selling too, hope it becomes successful for you xx