Friday, 22 October 2010

It's all a Matter of Time

I posted my first blog this week and have been biting at the bit to do another one, hopefully for Folksy Friday.  Easy, I thought, yet this hasn't been the case at all.  You would think that having a son who works, a daughter at Uni and a 4yr old who goes to school every morning (full time after half term), that I'd have loads of time to knock out a post or 3.


After getting our 4yr olds to school, I go for a brisk 50 minute walk with my neighbour, with the aim of buying smaller trousers (it is working!).  I get in, do washing and tidying, shower, sort out dinner for the evening and then, Hey Presto, it's time for a quick coffee and to pick up my young man.

The afternoon is a dead loss because as soon as I go near the pc, 4yr old needs me to do 'something', and we end up playing, doing more jobs or visiting nanny & granddad.  A lot of people, are like me, I'm sure and say, 'just give me 20 minutes and I'll come and play'.  Trouble is, something often doesn't quite happen like it should and your 20 minutes lengthens as the idleness of your young son/daughter increases, often with interesting results; like the time he managed to set the dvd language on Finding Nemo to French and I had no idea how to get it back!

Come evening, hubby arrives home, the dinner time madness follows and there's no peace until bedtime.  Ah...time, I think to myself and dash down to knock out that ever illusive blog post.

Wrong again, as hubby is rooted to the pc chair and any advance towards him, with the object of ousting him is futile.  It's be easier taking a bone from a dog!

Maybe once 4yr old is in school full time, I'll be able to make proper time to blog at least once a week.  After all, it only takes 20 minutes, doesn't it?....

I've had a look on Folksy to see what time related things I could find.  Have a look at the fabulous items I found.

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