Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Housework Begone!

I am pooped!  This was meant to be a morning post, but I've been flat out since I took 4yr old to school.  I'm not sure where all this free time is that I'm meant to have now he's full time.  It's never ending isn't it?

My neighbour and I did our morning 'power' walk (read as saunter!), straight after dropping off the littlies.  Blimey, talk about cold and foggy.  We live right on the sea and couldn't see across the park to the sea this morning.  The fog horn has been going since 4.30am and only stopped at lunch time.  From walking, it was straight to bed changing, as 4yr old is still hit n miss at night time, and 18yr old daughter is coming back from Uni for a couple of days.  Another mountain of washing now resides by the washer/dryer.  The house was hoovered almost top to bottom.  I'd lost the will to live by the time I got to our loft room and decided it'll keep another day.  Coffee was needed by now.

I walked into the lounge to a discussion on Tantric Sex and something or other on This Morning....so kept walking..no time, no time!  The bolognese for the lasagne has been made and just needs some white sauce before I assemble it (although if 4yr old is particularly cantankerous after school, it may well stay as bolognese), and shove it in the oven before I go and retrieve daughter from the station, across tea time traffic I might add, urgh!

I've also ironed today.  That itself is a revelation in my house.  I LOATHE ironing and do it as little as possible, to the point where if something is too creased after being tumble dried, I'll re-wash it and make sure I get it from the dryer a bit quicker next time!  So a whole 6 shirts, yes 6, have been ironed and woe betide my lovely hubby if he should wear them all again by next week! ;-)

So after all that, I'm supposed to find some making time.  It's just not happening and I'm finding I'm continually behind in the November Sparks listing group on Folksy.  I think that I'm about 5 days short at the moment.  I managed to make a daisy hairband the other day, but have yet to photograph it and list it.  They do take a while to make, as I need to hand weave 47 tiny daisies, before gluing them to the band and then using illusion cord to securely lace them to the hairband for added strength.  I'm also trying to get stock together for a craft fair I'm doing with my friend in 3 weeks time.  I'm sure it'll happen....just n time.

I am however, loving the shop sections in Folksy.  It has made me think very carefully about how I list my creations.  How are you all finding it?

Uh oh, gotta dash.  It's 3pm and I've a 4yr old to pick up and a lasagne to assemble, although......bolognese anyone?!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

We had a bit of a sad start to our week.  Our 4yr old's Hamster Twinkle, got poorly, and sadly had to be put to sleep.  She was a grand old age of 2 and a lovely cute little thing.  Never bit anyone and had quite a character.  She loved banging her water bottle till it emptied and then paddling in the water!  We went through a lot of bedding and sawdust!  4yr old coped very well with the news and announced that his next Hamster (apparently we are having another), would also be called Twinkle, because he likes the name.  I suppose it saves muddling the names up.

So, in memory of Twinkle, who is now a little star, I've decided to show some Hamster and Star things that can be found over at Folksy.

Uniquely Different Bags

Gemma Lou Illustration


Dizzy Marcliffe

Lazy Daisy
Spotty n Stripy

Friday, 22 October 2010

It's all a Matter of Time

I posted my first blog this week and have been biting at the bit to do another one, hopefully for Folksy Friday.  Easy, I thought, yet this hasn't been the case at all.  You would think that having a son who works, a daughter at Uni and a 4yr old who goes to school every morning (full time after half term), that I'd have loads of time to knock out a post or 3.


After getting our 4yr olds to school, I go for a brisk 50 minute walk with my neighbour, with the aim of buying smaller trousers (it is working!).  I get in, do washing and tidying, shower, sort out dinner for the evening and then, Hey Presto, it's time for a quick coffee and to pick up my young man.

The afternoon is a dead loss because as soon as I go near the pc, 4yr old needs me to do 'something', and we end up playing, doing more jobs or visiting nanny & granddad.  A lot of people, are like me, I'm sure and say, 'just give me 20 minutes and I'll come and play'.  Trouble is, something often doesn't quite happen like it should and your 20 minutes lengthens as the idleness of your young son/daughter increases, often with interesting results; like the time he managed to set the dvd language on Finding Nemo to French and I had no idea how to get it back!

Come evening, hubby arrives home, the dinner time madness follows and there's no peace until bedtime.  Ah...time, I think to myself and dash down to knock out that ever illusive blog post.

Wrong again, as hubby is rooted to the pc chair and any advance towards him, with the object of ousting him is futile.  It's be easier taking a bone from a dog!

Maybe once 4yr old is in school full time, I'll be able to make proper time to blog at least once a week.  After all, it only takes 20 minutes, doesn't it?....

I've had a look on Folksy to see what time related things I could find.  Have a look at the fabulous items I found.

Celtic Clock - Gelert Design

Dinosaur Clock - With Hugs and Kisses

Time to Retire - Busybeecards

Summer Time Make Up Bag - Ellie B Jewels

Monday, 18 October 2010

Flying by the seat of my pants...as per usual!

Well, I'm here....finally made it...well sort of.  I wanted to blog a few weeks ago, but as per usual, my wonderful 4yr old had other ideas.  So today I bit the bullet and after being completely boggled by all the settings for this, that and the other, have arrived at this point. 

Mind you, every 5 minutes....no, 3 minutes, said 4yr old wants me to admire his latest Lego creation, find his binoculars so he can pretend to be a real Clone (Stars Wars and Clone Wars mad you know...all daddy's fault!), and then he ran out of loo paper!

I'm also trying to keep an eye on tonights dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese.  It's a good job the PC is in the kitchen or we might be having burnt offerings again!  Ah well, it wouldn't be the first time.  Until my fab hubby bought me Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food book, cooking was pretty dire in this household.  All I'll say is 'fish fingers with no coats on', and leave that post for another time!

I'm hoping that this blog will have a balance of family life, general observations and jewellery making trials and tribulations.  May as well forget that sentence though, as we all know that it never quite happens like that!

On the jewellery front, I'm pretty new at trying to sell my creations.  It's so hard to go out there and sell yourself isn't it?  I feel awkward about sending my fanpage URL to my Facebook friends and family.  I don't want them to feel obliged, yet know I have to take the plunge at some point.  Maybe that's for another day.  I have bitten off far more than I can chew today and really should be putting the finishing touches to a pretty little pink suede and red heart necklace I've been asked to do.